Signs of a Termite Infestation

A termite infestation can be terrible. Apart from termites being annoying, they can also cause a lot of destruction. If you do not handle the infestation as early as possible, there are chances that the termites will even destroy your entire house foundation.

The earlier you discover the early signs of infestation, the easier it becomes to get rid of the termites. You can try as a home treatment like spraying vinegar around the affected area. However, calling termite control Orange County, California is be the only way to deal with the problem. Here are some signs that you are dealing with a termite infestation:

Frass and Wings

If termites have infested your home, you will notice piles of frass. Frass is mainly droppings from the termites. The droppings tend to look like heaps of dirt or even soil. The frass can be anywhere in the compound or even in the house.

You will also notice wings of the terminates in different parts of the home. A time comes when the termites start shedding their wings. If the infestation has advanced, you will notice wings around the house.


Inspect the Trees

Termites are known to go to any wood material. In case you have trees around your home, they will not be spared either. If you take a close look, you will notice some blowholes on the trees. Most of the time, the holes will be on the step of the trees.

The blowholes are consistent and especially for trees that have a dry bark. The holes can be, but, in some cases, they are significant in case the infestation has advanced.

Earthen Packing

Earthen packing is the clear sign that termites have infested your home. This sign is always a sure sign, and it is time to call a termite termination company.

For people who have never seen earthen packing, it looks like a massive pile of mud. This pile of mud can be anyway on the ground and especially in areas where there is a lot of dampness or mulch.

termite infestation


In some cases, you might hear some noise when termite infestation has advanced. You will notice the sound of termites as they tear into the wood. Termites can be very vicious when destroying wood, and you might hear the noise most of the time. In the initial moments, however, it might be difficult to listen to the sound.

5 Tips to Choose Driveway Contractors

When designing your home or street driveway, you need to look at many things that will guide you in choosing excellent tarmac contractors. With the high number, emerging contractors, identifying the best company from the rest might be a big deal for you when time is a limiting factor. You do not want to spend all your money on reckless contractors. Take your time in preparation to find the company you need to hire.

estate driveway

Know What You Want

Your interest should guide you in the selection. Knowing what you want can give you the best odds in company selection. You will not agree with the contractor’s words but by what you need in your driveway. The design is the first guide to select a company comfortable in the construction. Without knowledge of the design, you might make the decision late because the company will be in control. The situation is risky because they can design something you do not like, and getting rid of it is expensive. Seeing tarmac, you do not want every day is stressful.

paverThe Reputation of the Firm

Do your homework to find the latest reviews of the company. Avoid computerized reports since they will mislead your thoughts. Learn to differentiate personal testimonies from computer generated words. You can ask around to find the correct name of the company going around the premises.

Check the previous works from other clients to see if the company will impress you. The tarmac drives by S.L Driveways might be the one you are looking for in your search. Going through the files or visiting former work site adds your confidence.


Choose Experienced Firms

The emergence of new tarmac driveway companies has increased confusion since you do not know the right company to hire. You may have the plan as well as budget ready, but the selection process might take you more time to start the entire project. New companies might have the display from the logo to the name, but their services might be wrong. They will frustrate you with the lousy customer service, making you lose hope in driveway construction.

The Availability of Workforce

asphalt workers

Companies with fewer workforce will waste your time because they will not show up in time. They will be postponing meetings, thus delaying your project. A company that responds immediately is the right one for you since they will take the shortest time to complete the project. You will also like their work because they deliver professionalism. You will not regret anything from their customer service to ground preparation. Hire a company that cares for your comfort.

Identify the Charge per Service

Your selection will not be successful when you cannot afford the cash. Before settling on a company to deal with your driveway, you need to survey for the charges. Find out if they have additional fees on the services or if you only pay once, and they serve you accordingly. Familiarize yourself with the cost then make sure you’re not pressing yourself too much. You should be comfortable paying the services. You can use an inside man to investigate the prices or do it yourself. Hiring an expensive company is abnormal when you can find a cheaper deal.