Ways to Optimize Your House’s Security

Our house is supposed to be our safest shelter, yet the threats of burglary and robbery always exist. According to an FBI research in 2016, as published on Forbes, there were 278,600 cases of a home invasion at night, and 486,006 during the day. Moreover, the loss of each invaded household reached $2,600 on average.

Based on that data, we can safely conclude that house owners must optimize their house’s security every time. Below is the detailed discussion.

Hiring a Professional Locksmith

quality door lockThe fact that many house owners buy padlocks and install door locks without any professional consultations is understandable. The device seems like a trivia tool that functions just the same regardless of the types. You may also assume that as long as a lock is expensive and high-tech, it can guarantee your security. However, the truth is quite the opposite.

Burglars and other criminals that deal with house invasion share their knowledge with each other. There are specific models that they have managed to lockpick despite the intricacy of tech and mechanism. And the ones that are well-informed about this issue are the locksmiths. They often coordinate with the authority to know which models and types have become vulnerable and hackable.

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Installing a Surveillance Camera

security cameraMost burglars get away with their crimes because the authority cannot find any substantial evidence against them. Therefore, you need to consider installing several surveillance cameras in the most vulnerable spots in your house.

There are two types of surveillance camera based on its function: outdoor and indoor. Many house owners think that only the outdoor cameras are necessary. However, if the perpetrators watch over your house long enough to notice the blind spots or the flaws of the outdoor security cameras, they will manage to break in without getting recorded. When you think of the house’s security, you must always consider the worst scenario that can happen. Therefore, an indoor camera with a voice recording feature can be your reliable reserve.

Being Wise with Social Media

social media platformsPublishing personal activity has become more and more common. People with criminal minds notice that behavior and use it to stalk their targets. In your case, you should not advertise your schedule to the public because some of your audience can be a stalker waiting for your home to be empty.

Posting vacation photos is often irresistible. You want to share your joy and excitement with others, but then again, the criminals may take advantage of you. Therefore, you should be better to publish your documentation of your trip once you get home, or once you are sure there are people at home.