What to Consider When Choosing a Site for Your Chicken Coop

Today, most people breed chickens. And it is not surprising because this is a great way to provide a family with natural meat and eggs, which are an order of magnitude higher in quality than store products. A chicken coop is essential in this case for quality breeding.

Visit ChickenCoopHQ.com for the best chicken coops. In the process of organizing a mini-farm, a novice breeder should think about several important points. One of them is the correct location of the chicken coop on the site.

Is the Location of the Chicken Coop on the Site Important?

chicken coop model

To set up a mini-farm, only a few owners think about where it is best to place the chicken coop. Meanwhile, this issue is quite relevant. The correctly chosen location of such a building gives the owner several advantages at once:

  1. The comfort of the living creatures. Moisture, drafts, strong winds, high noise levels are stressful factors for chickens. Under their influence, living creatures often get sick and lose productivity. The correct location of the chicken coop will minimize these impacts as much as possible.
  2. The convenience of the residents of the site. Any livestock building has an unpleasant smell and a certain amount of dirt. This problem can also be solved by proper house placement.
  3. No conflicts with neighbors. Certain legislative requirements are imposed on the location of outbuildings. Accordingly, their violation can cause quarrels with the owners of neighboring plots and problems with law enforcement agencies.
  4. The aesthetics of the building. If desired and a creative approach, the chicken coop can be made not just a place for keeping birds but a real decoration of the site. Location, in this case, plays a significant role.

Considering these points, we can conclude that it is still worth considering the location of the poultry house on the site. This will bring considerable benefits to the owner.

Chicken Coop Requirements

To determine where it is best to place the chicken coop, you should clearly know what it should be. The building must meet the following basic requirements:

  1. No drafts and strong wind protection. This condition is achieved by placing the building surrounded by dense green spaces or other buildings on the site.
  2. No excessive moisture. To do this, it is better to locate the room in areas with sandy soil. In addition, with this point in mind, it is better to locate the house on a hill.
  3. modern chicken coopThere is enough space for the entire chicken population. As a rule, the minimum standard is 50 square centimeters per individual. To this is also added a specific area for the placement of feeders, drinkers, perches.
  4. The presence of a walking area next to the chicken coop. This point must also be taken into account when choosing a site. The walking area must be fenced off. In addition, it cannot be equipped in an area closed on all sides by tall trees or buildings. When poultry is allowed to run in an overly shaded area, it may develop stunted growth and other health problems.
  5. Distance from the roadway and other sources of strong noise. Loud noises are a major cause of stress in chickens. Accordingly, such a prolonged exposure leads to the fact that egg production in layers falls, the immune system weakens, and growth rates decrease. Therefore, the chicken coop should be placed as far from the road as possible.

When arranging the site, it is also recommended to build a small reservoir in the walking area. Covered booths are placed near the walking hedge, in which animals can escape from precipitation.