All You Need to Know About Chainsaw Sharpeners

A chainsaw is a handy tool in any workshop. As much as you might go out of your way to purchase the best unit, it is your responsibility to maintain it as a way of making it perform at its best. One popular way of maintaining your chainsaw is by having it sharpened regularly. The best way to go about this is to invest in a quality chainsaw chain

There is a vast variety of chainsaws in the market. However, the best chainsaw sharpeners out there make it almost impossible choose the best. However, this is good news for chainsaw owners considering that it has made sharpening chainsaws a lot easier. That said, here are some important factors to consider when choosing a chainsaw.

Type of sharpener

As much as you might be shopping for a chainsaw, you will realize that not every unit out there is an ideal sharpener for your chainsaw. Thus, the first thing to look at when shopping for a sharpener is its compatibility. Some sharpeners can work with a variety of chains. However, it is imperative to choose a sharpener that is compatible with the chain you have. Read on to look at some of the main types of chainsaw sharpeners.

Handheld sharpeners

The handheld round is among the most common sharpening tool among most homeowner. This sharpener has a round profile that fits perfects on the blade while sharpening. Like any manual process, this sharpening method poses the limitation of being unable to achieve a uniform sharpening length.

Bar-mounted sharpener

This sharpener is often attached to the chainsaw bar while sharpening. When using it, you might be required to make a few adjustments to achieve the required file. With the right setting, you can be assured of an accurate job. As much as these sharpeners are perceived to be of high quality, they raise some safety issues that require you to have some eyewear when sharpening it.

Electric chainsaw sharpeners

chain cuttingElectric chainsaw sharpeners are the most versatile and efficient sharpeners in the marketers. It is a practical option for chainsaw owners with multiple units considering that they are compatible with most blades. The only downside with electric chainsaw sharpeners is that they are costlier than most models in the market.


As much as you might be focusing on matters quality and compatibility, you also need to look at the price. Well, different varieties out there retail at different prices. Thus, it is advisable to go for a unit that gives you value for money.