Common Mistakes When Choosing Curtains

Textile design is of great importance in the overall perception of the interior. This is especially true for the decoration of windows. It is extremely important to carefully choose such an element of decor and not to miss the main thing.

indoor curtainVisit for the best curtains. Because everyone has different tastes, we do not want to limit you in the choice of fabrics, colors, and drapery method. Let’s discuss just a few points to avoid.

Mistake 1. Too Artsy Textiles

Danger: Overcrowded interior

How to avoid: Don’t treat textiles as a separate design element. The whole secret is to look at each object of the future interior with an eye on all other things, colors, and combinations. If you understand that you already have enough bright spots or vice versa, you need to “dilute” the monochrome interior with bright shades. You can achieve the correct result.

Just remember – only one thing can be accent – cornice, tulle, or curtains. One of these elements is allowed to be “more active” and take maximum attention.

Mistake 2. Inconsistency of Tulle and Curtains in Density

living room curtainDanger: Imbalance of textures and harmonious perception

How to avoid: By default, curtains should be slightly heavier than tulle. Therefore, choose the fabric at the same time and make sure that there is no discrepancy. This is especially important to consider when choosing a dense tulle. Linen, which is so popular nowadays, may somewhat puzzle you in this regard because here, it is quite difficult to find light, weightless fabric without impurities.

If you have chosen a lightweight window design and decided to refine it with only curtains or light transparent fabric, you will not have to worry about compliance. This method works great and has a beneficial effect on the overall feel of the room. Just before stopping your choice on it, once again, make sure that your batteries under the window and the view behind it are of the proper aesthetic appearance.

Mistake 4. Adding Insane Amounts of Detail

Danger: Curtains will look tasteless

How to avoid: You should not buy all the beautiful holders, fringes, brushes, and other decorative elements if, initially, all this was not in the plans.

Remember – window decoration should be very laconic. And any excesses (except for direct and consistent correspondence with historical styles) are perceived as bad taste.

Mistake 5. Incorrectly Selected Shades

window curtainsDanger: Violation of the holistic perception of the entire interior

How to avoid: The same shades, opposite in the color spectrum, or just additional bright accents – this is already secondary. The main thing is a good combination.

The first and main criterion in choosing the appearance of textiles for windows is their color. It must be in harmony with the rest of the range in the room. If you are planning to buy green curtains and already have a green sofa, be sure to compare the degree of color saturation and the impurity of other shades in it. After all, no one will deny that emerald and marsh are two radically different shades, and their unreasonable combination will not add charm to your decor.